Walking in the Nerja area encompasses a wide range of opportunities, from interesting local walks to forays into wild and mountainous countryside.


Most of the routes that we describe can be undertaken without prior knowledge, using the information that we provide you with. However the option also exists of using the services of a professional guide, or of joining a local walking group.

The best time to walk in Andalucia is in the late spring or early summer, although the generally sunny climate of Nerja makes walking attractive even in the winter months. For the energetic, the area around Nerja provides the ideal location to do some serious walking in the stunning countryside that borders the town. But be warned that very little of it is flat, since Nerja lies at the foot of the Sierra Almijara, providing a backdrop of high mountains very close to the sea. This creates spectacular walking opportunities – for the very fit. However there are also river walks, which tend, by definition, to be somewhat flatter.

Essentially the countryside around Nerja gets more and more wild as you travel north, into the mountains themselves, and should not be under-estimated: several, usually solo, walkers have got themselves lost up here, sometimes with unfortunate results.

Thus the serious hiker, wanting to explore the area as fully as possible, may possibly wish to join an organised walking group or indeed employ the services of a knowledgeable guide, and the following pages describe what can be sourced in this way. If there are just one or two of you, you may possibly need to join a larger group, but a larger group of 4-8 people can ideally be catered for on its own. Here you can choose between 3-7 hour hikes, tackling some of the peaks around the area or exploring the local villages, or less demanding routes in and around the local area.

Most people will probably prefer to travel independently though, and there are numerous walks that can quite safely be undertaken unaccompanied, as described in the following pages. Often these are circular routes, beginning and ending in Nerja (or the nearby villages of Frigiliana, Torrox Costa or Maro), or out-and-back routes, similarly based. As you will see, there are sufficient such routes to give you a wide choice of scenery and terrain, but without venturing too far into the unmapped interior.

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