PDF Downloads

Having put a lot of effort, time and money into creating what we think is now the prime website on walking in Nerja and the surrounding area, we can perhaps be forgiven for attempting to attract visitors who are interested in using these routes to book their accommodation through our parent company – SpainAway – which is recognised as one of the principal holiday accommodation letting agents in the area. Thus, in any case, you can’t do better than to use SpainAway to book your holiday accommodation here, irrespective of what activities you are interested in doing.

We believe that the freely available website route descriptions are sufficient in their own right to enable you to follow any of these routes, especially when used in conjunction with the MapMyWalk entries that we provide links to, and we hope that you get as much pleasure from these routes as we have ourselves.

However we are also making available a further level of information in the form of downloadable PDFs which are accessible only by guests who indeed have booked through us. In particular our PDFs provide actual photographs of each junction where care is required to go in the correct direction, together with arrows indicating the correct route, plus further background information on flora and fauna, historical background, etc.

Indeed, unless you are highly committed to hand-held GPS devices, then some form of printed instructions becomes a necessity anyway, and this is what we aim to provide. Part of the reason for adding the PDF versions of each walk is that the web page would become much too long if all this information were to be incorporated.

Although it might be thought that our route instructions are actually somewhat over-explanatory, we are talking about walking in an area criss-crossed by historic mule tracks, rural paths and the like, many of which you will be using yourself, and we can only say that we ourselves have rarely been able to follow other published route sources on the first attempt, which can be somewhat of a nuisance. Hence our decision to provide such extremely detailed route information.

A list of the PDFs that we provide access to is given on the following page, although it does, of course, require a password to gain access to these. However we do also provide our own 'Guide to Frigiliana' PDF, which is freely available to all.