Frigiliana to Nerja                               Return to: Walks around Frigiliana

Distance:  7 to 9 km                           Time:  3 to 4 hours                                    Difficulty Rating:  Varied          

Legend has it that there used to be nine separate walking routes between Nerja and Frigiliana (outside the obvious one of just walking up the main road in-between, of course), but the introduction of the motorway, together with the construction of individual villas and small urbanisations, has drastically cut this number down. However we ourselves have still been able to identify three such routes (and have added two more of our own) that are well worth undertaking. Hence, in principle, you could take any one of these routes out to Frigiliana, enjoy lunch in one of its delightful cafes and restaurants, and then return via a different route, giving a total of twenty (!) alternative ‘there-and-back’ combinations. However, if you after a really serious long distance walking day, you could always slot in one of the delightful walks around Frigiliana itself, before making your return journey.

The five routes from Frigiliana back down to Nerja are shown on the map below, followed by brief descriptions of their character. Then, by clicking on their name link, you can proceed to the individual walk's description in the usual way. To access these walks in the reverse direction simply go to the 'Walks Around Nerja' section.


Frigiliana to Nerja (1) - via La Molineta  (coloured yellow)

After heading down the main road from Frigiliana to the hamlet of La Molineta, the route then cuts down to the valley of the Rio Higuerón, following this down into Nerja.

Frigiliana to Nerja (2) - via the Higuerón Valley  (coloured red)

This route takes a rather more difficult course, down the steep-sided valley that defines the more northerly part of the Rio Higuerón, until joining Route (1) just below La Molineta.

Frigiliana to Nerja (3) - El Camino Viejo de Málaga  (coloured purple)

After coming down to La Molineta, this route then follows the 'Old Drover Route' that we have ourselves have pioneered, although in reverse.

Frigiliana to Nerja (4) - via Arroyo del Meli  (coloured green)

Taking a more westerly route than Route (3), this route heads through rather different terrain, until rejoining Route (3) close to the motorway between Nerja and Torrox.

Frigiliana to Nerja (5) - Fuente del Esparto and Rio Chillar*

* This route is yet to be added. It is a much longer and more difficult route compared to the first four such, heading north-west from Frigiliana crossing two valleys, including that of the Rio Chillar, and then heading back following our 'Fuente del Esparto' return route, ending up at the Caves, near Maro (and then back on to El Capistrano). As you know, it is our policy not to describe any route that we haven't completed ourselves. So watch this space!