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Distance:  2 km                                 Time:  1-2 hours                                      Difficulty Rating: Easy

+ a further extension of 1 km up to Castle Hill - Difficulty Rating: Medium

In addition to the many extremely scenic walks that can be taken around Frigiliana, the village itself - probably the most famous of Andalucía's 'Pueblos Blancos', or White Villages, deserves a visit in its own right. If nothing else, there are numerous great cafes and restaurants to keep you fed and watered.

However there is much more to Frigiliana  than this, and it is worthy of a full day spent here, leisurely exploring its many beautiful and historical features, and distinctive cobbled streets, picture left...

Probably the most famous of its features are its series of twelve ceramic wall plaques, as seen, for example, on the right, depicting a critical point in its history - the conflict between the Christians and the Moors, leading to the latter's expulsion.

Accordingly, we have prepared a 'Guide To Frigiliana' booklet that takes in virtually every feature that you might wish to see, in addition to the plaques themselves. Already, a number of our guests have very kindly said that it is the best guide to the village that they have ever seen - Thank you very much!

After an introduction to Frigliana's history and key features, fiestas and so on, the guide then takes you on a Tour taking a route through the village that follows the ceramic plaques in numerical order, so that the historical story can be seen unfolding, with appropriate diversions to view the other features of interest. The guide itself contains an extensive translation of, and further background to, each plaque.

As an alternative, rather than simply returning directly to your start point, we also provide a detailed description of how to climb to the summit of the hill above Frigiliana, which used to be the site of an imposing castle. Although little is left of the latter, the views are well worth the effort of getting here.

The guide is available as a downloadable PDF, but, unlike those relating to the individual walks that we describe, this one is freely available to all, not just to our own accommodation guests. It can be obtained by clicking on the following link:

The SpainAway Guide To Frigiliana